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Veterinary dietary products, explaination of conditions for which they are prescribed. This page has been restructured to reflect new changes and developments. Note: We are firm believers in premium diets for all life stages of feline health. Although there is some controversy in what is considered premium and what is not, we fully support Hill's/Science Diet, Iams/Eukanuba, Purina Management, and Prescription Diets. Because CatHelp-Online works expressly with these diets, our opinions may be biased, so therefore we recommend to each of you that you speak to your veterinarians about your choices and about the options available for your kitty's individual needs, her lifestyle, and her health concerns as they apply.

HILL'S PRODUCTS - Science Diet

  • Science Diet Mix-it
    Used when switching from kitten formulated food to an adult food, or when incorporating new diets

  • Science Diet Feline Growth
    A kitten formulated diet that meets special needs for growth and development, also appropriate for pregnant and nursing queens

  • Science Diet Feline Growth Savory Cuts
    A canned formula of the Feline Growth Formula for kittens and pregnant and nursing queens

  • Science Diet Feline Maintenance
    For healthy adult cats 1-6 years of age

  • Science Diet Feline Maintenance Savory Recipes/Savory Cuts
    A canned formula of the Feline Maintenance, for healthy cats 1-6 years of age

  • Science Diet Feline Maintenance Light
    Formulated for healthy cats who are less active or tend to gain weight

  • Science Diet Feline Senior
    For healthy cats over 6 years of age, formulated with increased fiber for gastrointestinal health

  • Science Diet Feline Senior Savory Cuts
    A canned formula of the Feline Senior, for healthy cats over 6 years of age

  • Science Diet Feline Hairball Control Formula
    A diet formulated to aid in controlling hairballs, and is appropriate for healthy adult cats

  • Science Diet Feline Sensitive Skin Formula
    Formulated for itching, flaking, non-seasonal shedding and promotes healthy skin and coat

  • Science Diet Feline Sensitive Stomach Formula
    Formulated to aid in healthy digestion, combining soluable and insoluable fiber and digestible carbohydrates

  • Science Diet Advanced Protection
    Special antioxident formula that helps protect body and brain from free radical damage, which is associated with aging and can result in the weakening of the body’s natural defenses. Adult and Senior Formulas

  • Science Diet Nature's Best
    Natural ingredients, naturally preserved

    Ocean Fish for Kittens
    Ocean Fish for Adult Cats
    Chicken for Adult Cats



Note: Hill's has recently re-labeled the following:
C/D-s is now C/D (struvite crystals management)
C/D-o is now X/D (oxalate crystals management)

  • Prescription A/D
    An acute recovery diet, not for long term use. Used for anorexia, tube feeding, dental patients, and medical conditions that are associated with debilitation, thereby needing additional nutritional support

  • Prescription C/D
    For management of struvite crystals, and FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease)

  • Prescription D/D
    For food allergies/intolerances, dermatitis and colitis

  • Prescription G/D
    For at risk pets and primarily for those suffering from renal insufficiency

  • Prescription H/D
    For cats with moderate to advanced Congestive Heart Failure, formulated with reduced sodium

  • Prescription I/D
    For gastrointestinal conditions such as gastritis, enteritis, pancreatic insufficiency, colitis and recovery from gastrointestinal surgery

  • Prescription K/D
    For management of kidney/renal insufficiency with reduced levels of sodium and phosphorus and also used for early to moderate cardiac disease

  • Prescription L/D
    For the management of Liver Disease, supports liver function, repair and regeneration, with reduced levels of protein

  • Prescription M/D
    For altering metabolism in weight loss management. Low carbohydrates, high protein diet geared to maintain lean muscle mass. Note: Prescription M/D is for altering metabolism as opposed to Prescription R/D, which is a restricted calorie diet in weight management

  • Prescription P/D
    For growing kittens who have special nutritional needs, and an appropriate weaning diet. Can also be used for pregnant and lactating queens and for recuperative care

  • Prescription R/D
    Reduced caloric intake for obese cats, while increasing lean body mass. Can also be used for management of FLUTD (or in struvite crystals)

  • Prescription S/D
    For management of struvite urolithiasis, FLUTD, with controlled levels of magnesium and phosphorus

  • Prescription T/D
    For reducing the rate of plaque, stains and tartar (calculus) accumulation in adult cats

  • Prescription W/D
    For weight management in overweight cats, or less active, or prone to obesity. Also used for Diabetes Mellitus (with no other health problems), and FLUTD on obese-prone cats (struvite crystals)

  • Prescription X/D
    For management of oxalate crystals and FLUTD

  • Prescription Z/D
    A low-allergen formulation for allergies with no intact animal protein. The only hydrolyzate cat food

    Note: Never feed a prescription diet to your kitty without the specific advice and direction of your vet. Each of these diets is specifically formulated with certain minerals/nutrients for a specific health problem or medical condition. Feeding any of these diets for anything other than what they are intended for can seriously jeopardize your kitty's health. Some of these diets are only intended for short-term use, others for long term use. If your kitty has been prescribed a prescription diet, please speak to your vet in detail and make sure you understand what the diet is intended for, the term it is to be fed, and if additional supplementation is needed. Never substitute or supplement these diets without your vet's express advice and direction.



  • Iams/Eukanuba Kitten Milk Replacer
    A special milk replacer formula for newborn kittens

  • Iams Kitten Formula
    Formulated for growing kittens, completely nutritionally balanced

  • Iams Original Adult
    For healthy adult cats, completely balanced for adult growth

  • Iams Less Active
    For healthy adult cats who are prone to obesity or those who are less active, completely nutritionally balanced

  • Iams Senior
    For healthy adult cats over 6 years of age, or those who are less active. Higer fiber and formulated with less calories

  • Iams Hairball Care Formula
    For control and maintenance of hairballs


Nutritional Formulas

  • Nutritional Recovery Diet
    An acute recovery diet used in medical conditions requiring acute nutritional support

  • Nutritional Stress/Weight Gain/Maximum-Calorie Formula
    For lactating queens, and especially for trauma conditions, tube feeding and recovery

  • Nutritional Intestinal Low-Residue Formula
    For chronic gastrointestinal distress including diarrhea, IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), constipation, pancreatitis and gastroenteritis

  • Nutritional Skin and Coat Response LB Formula
    For food allergies/intolerances, skin and coat conditions and allergic conditions of IBD

  • Nutritional Urinary Low pH/S Formula
    For management in struvite crystals and FLUTD

  • Nutritional Urinary Moderate pH/O Formula
    For management of oxalate crystals and FLUTD

  • Nutritional Weight Loss Restricted-Calorie Formula
    For management of obesity. Formulated with higher fiber and also used for diabetic cats

  • Nutritional Optimum Weight Control
    For effectively managing weight for overweight pets or pets that may be prone to obesity

  • Nutritional Kidney Formula Multi-Stage Renal
    Addresses nutritional needs or renal failure with appropriately formulated protein and maintains overall condition


Veterinary Formulas

  • CV-CardioVascular
    Formulated for Congestive Heart Failure, hypertension, feline Hepatic Lipidosis and in critical care situations

  • DM-Diabetes Management
    Formulated for feline Diabetes, diabetes mellitus

  • DH-Dental Health
    Designed to reduce plaque and tartar buildup

  • EN-GastroENteric
    Formulated for enteritis, gastritis, pancreatic insufficiency and IBD conditions

  • NF-KidNey Failure
    Formulated for renal insufficiency, early stages of congestive heart failure, and hypertension

  • OM-Overweight Management
    For management of obesity, with reduced caloric content. Also used for diabetes mellitus in overweight cats

  • UR-Urinary
    For management of struvite crystals and FLUTD (NOT for oxalate crystals)

  • UR-Urinary St/Ox
    Formulated to minimize the risk of both struvite and calcium oxalate uroliths associated with feline lower urinary tract disease

    Purina Feline Diagnostics
    Hemalert Urinary Blood Detection System
    Glucotest Urinary Glucose Detection System



  • CliniCare - Feline Liquid Diet
    Liquid recovery and supplemental diet for critically ill or injured cats. Can also be used for transitional feeding and intensive care tube feeding

  • CliniCare® RF - Specialized Feline Liquid Diet
    Reduced protein and electrolyte liquid diet for recovery. Also used for supplementing and parenteral nutrition. Ideal for renal or liver imparied patients

  • PetAg Formula V Enteral Care MLP
    Mid-level protein, high energy ready to feed, nutritionally balanced enteral nutrition

  • PetAg Formula V Enteral Care MHP
    High-level protein, ready to feed, nutritionally balanced enteral nutrition

  • PetAg CatSure
    Nutritional liquid supplement formulated to meet the nutrient needs of cats 7 years of age and older



Note: Royal Canin has acquired IVD, Medi-Cal and Techni-Cal brands from Del Monte and has also formed an alliance with Waltham's veterinary diets. Below are equivalent dietary charts which will now reflect Royal Canin's dietary product lines. Waltham's previous Wellcare Line of products may also be replaced with that of Royal Canin's Feline Nutrition line of products.

Equivalent Chart for Medi-Cal Veterinary Diets (Canada) and IVD Veterinary Diets (USA)

Medi-Cal Veterinary Diets IVD Veterinary Diets
Development Select Care Development Formula
Preventive Select Care Control
Dissolution Dissolution Formula
Reduced Protein Select Care Modified
Hypoallergenic/Gastro Select Care Neutral
Fibre Formula Select Care HiFactor
Mature Formula Select Care Mature
Weight Control ---no equivalent---
Reducing Formula Select Care Weight Formula
--------- Sensitive Formula
--------- Limited Ingredient Diets

Equivalent Chart for Waltham's Veterinary Diets and Royal Canin Veterinary Diets

Walthams Veterinary Diets Royal Canin Veterinary Diets
Calorie Control Calorie Control CC
Low Phosphorus/Low Protein Renal LP
Selected Protein w/Rice & Duck
Selected Protein w/Venison & Rice
Sensitivity RD
Sensitivity VR
S/O Control pHormula Urinary SO
Weight Control Weight
--------- Diabetic DS
--------- Hypoallergenic HP
Feline Rehydration Support ---------
Feline Convelescence Support-
Concentration/Instant Diet
--------- Note: All of the IVD veterinary diets in the table above are now in addition to Royal Canin's: the two tables form the complete line of Royal Canin's new veterinary diets line


  • Development Formula
    Formulated for growth

  • Control Formula
    For management of struvite crystals and FLUTD

  • Dissolution Formula (canned only)
    For dissolution/management of struvite crystals

  • Renal LP/Modified Formula
    Formulated for renal insufficiency or Chronic Renal Failure (CRF). Also used for Congestive Heart Failure and management of oxalate crystals

  • Neutral Formula
    For gastrointestinal disorders such as inflammation in the stomach or intestines

  • Hi-Factor Formula
    For obesity and lower bowel disorders such as diarrhea and chronic constipation, formulated with higher fiber

  • Mature Formula
    For healthy adult cats over 6 years of age, or those who are less active. Also used for early kidney disease

  • Calorie Control CC/Weight Formula
    For management of obesitiy, or those cats who are prone to obesity

  • Diabetic DS
    Increased protein and controlled levels of low glycemic index carbohydrates

  • Urinary SO
    Prevention and dissolution of struvite crystals, prevention of calcium oxalate crystals

  • Hypoallergenic
    Hydrolyzed soy protein isolate, single carbohydrate source

  • Sensitivity Formulas
    RD- rice & duck, VR- venison & rice. Each with single carbohydrate source

  • Limited Ingredients Diets
    (Peas & Duck, Peas & Lamb, Peas & Rabbit, Peas & Venison)
    For food hypersensitivity and intolerance to certain protein sources

  • Feline Treats
    Low in fat and calories, and controlled levels of protein, phosphorus and sodium. For adult cats or overweight cats



Note: Waltham's Veterinary Diets will be replaced with Royal Canin's Veterinary Diet line, refer to the Equivalent Chart above for new packaging and labeling of these products.

  • Feline Calorie Control
    For weight reduction and controlled caloric intake in overweight or obese adult cats

  • Feline Renal Support - Low Phosphorus/Low-Protein
    For adult cats with renal insufficiency, Chronic Renal Failure or Hepatic Diseases where reduced protein and reduced fat intake is indicated

  • Feline Sensitivity Control - Selected Protein
    For food allergies/intolerances, clinical symptoms of diarrhea and for IBD conditions

  • Feline S/O Control - pH Formula
    For use in adult cats at risk for FLUTD or in management of struvite urolithiasis, calcium oxalate urolithiasis, and idiopathic cystitis

  • Feline Rehydration Support
    A glucose-electrolyte drink to help correct mild to moderate dehydration which may occur from acute diarrhea, vomiting, and can be used for support following surgery

  • Feline Convelescence Support - Concentration/Instant Diet
    For debilitated, stressed, anorexic or traumatised patients. Also for enteral tube feeding

    Note: Remember, never use a prescription veterinary diet without the express advice and direction of your veterinarian. Should you have questions or concerns about these diets or other diets, please speak directly with your vet, he will be happy to answer your questions and/or recommend the proper diet for your kitty's particular needs.



Note: Waltham's Wellcare diets are not available at this time....Royal Canin suggests to veterinary clinics the Wellcare diets be replaced by their Feline Nutrition product line.

  • Advance Kitten Formula
    Specially formulated for growing kittens, nutritionally complete and balanced

  • Advance Adult Formula
    Formulated for healthy adult cats, nutritionally complete

  • Advance Senior Formula
    Formulated for healthy cats over 6 years of age, or those who are less active

  • Coat Care
    Contains fatty acids and other nutrients to help improve coat condition

  • Weight Control
    For less-active cats, a diet lower in fat and calories


  • Growth
    Babycat - Kitten

  • Adulthood
    Special Breeds - Main Coon - Siamese - Persian
    Lifestyle - Adult - Indoor - Outdoor

  • Special Needs
    Special - Hair & Skin - Slim

  • Maturity
    Mature - Senior




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ROYAL CANIN to acquire IVD, Medi-Cal and Techni-Cal brands from Del Monte Company

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