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As a cat-owner, you know the importance of keeping your cat healthy and happy.....We're here to help provide feline health information to help you best care for your kitty.

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  • Feline Health Awareness/Wellness Campaign
    NEW: Twice a Year, for Life - Feline health awareness and wellness campaign to increase awareness of the importance of twice-yearly exams for your kitty to detect early illness and prevention of common diseases.

  • Spay & Neuter
    Love Your Pets - Spay & Neuter! Outlines conditions and disease consequences of not spaying or neutering your pet.

  • Declaw
    Clinical information about declawing, alternative options, behavioral resources.

  • Feline and Feline/Canine Body Condition Score Charts
    Determine if your pet may be overweight or underweight.

  • CAM and Pseudoscience - Reference Articles
    Informative and legitimate informational resource page regarding veterinary pseudoscience, information on "alternative" veterinary medicine.

  • Keeping Your Cats Safe -Indoors Only
    An indoor cat is a healthy and safe cat.

  • Just Say No
    Online pet pharmacies...know the dangers. Also, dangers and warnings on Hartz Mountain pet products.

  • The Daily Cat
    Multi-media editorial program with feature articles including health, nutrition, behavior and more, with new content added each week. Also, see The Dog Daily for dog lovers!


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