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SnuggleMe KittySnuggleMe Kitties!

The coolest (and warmest) snuggle pets around! These darling treasures have a realistic heartbeat, warmer, and a special pocket for a baby bottle...perfect for newborn or orphan kittens... Heartbeat and heater are replaceable. This site also has several other SnuggleMe Pets available.

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Kitten Toys KitKitten Shoppe Toys Kit

Emergency Care KitEmergency Care Kit

Kitten Food
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PetAg Nurser Bottle KitsNurser Bottle Kit
A must have for orphaned kittens!

PetAg Emergency Nursing KitEmergency Nursing Kit

KMR Kitten FormulaKMR Kitten Formula
We recommend the powder form, easy to mix and keeps in fridge for up to 3 months

Kitten Necessities

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