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The internet is a tangled web of misinformation, non-credible sources, anecdotal testimonies, psuedoscience, hype and marketing gimmicks and outright quackery. Learn how to subjectively validate sources of information and protect your pets from potentially harmful practices and fraud.

If you are considering CAM therapies for your kitty, we strongly suggest that you thoroughly investigate the source of information and then completely discuss your questions or concerns with your vet. We have found the following to be excellent resources for you to further explore and to help you make informed decisions on such topics as alternative and complementary therapies, holistic and homeopathy, herbs and supplements, raw diets, chiropractic and various other non-conventional methods of treatment. This page is intended to give our viewers another look at these methods from other points of view and from those in the veterinary profession. We strongly encourage you to speak with your vet and other professionals should you have questions or concerns that deal with any of these areas. Also see our Just Say No page for topics including online "pet pharmacies" and Hartz pet product dangers.


Consumer Reports - Cat Food Comparison
Consumer Reports performs a cat food comparison with leading experts. Find out the results:

The Whole Story
All Reviews
Fast Answers

Nutrition- A Critique of Dr. Jean Dodd's Chapter 5 - Pet Food Preservatives and Other Additives
Rosalind Dalefield, Diplomat of the American Board of Veterinary Toxicology reviews some illogical statements and arguments regarding Chapter 5 in particular:

Rosalind Dalefield's Review

Rebecca L. Remillard, DVM, Diplomate ACVN

Common Myths and Nutritional Gossip
Bones and Raw food myths
Cat Nutrition - FAQ's
Supplements - FAQ's
Pet Foods - FAQ's
VNC Offers Personalized Pet Diet and Nutritional Consultations
About Dr Remillard
American College of Veterinary Nutrition

From BeyondVeg

Raw Food Diets -Selected Myths Part 1
Raw Food Diets -Selected Myths Part 2 (with the exception of the herbal sections)
Lesson of Pottenger's Cats Experiment-Cats are not humans
Looking at the Science on Raw vs. Cooked Foods
Assessing Claims and Credibility in the Realm of Raw & Alternative Diets - Who Should You Believe
Idealism vs. Realism in Raw Foods
Transcending magical thinking about the properties of raw food


"Organic" Foods: Certification Does Not Protect Consumers
Don't Trust Advice from Health-Food Retailers!
Myths and Pseudo Science of the Organic Movement

CDC Information

Escherichia coli



Nutriceutical, Alternative and Complimentary Therapies
From C. Anthony Buffington, DVM, Phd,Dipl. ACVN, leading veterinary nutritionalist
Alternative View - An Article by C. Anthony Buffington
Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (US FDA)
US FDA'S Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994
From Quackwatch
Dietary Supplements
By Linda Grassie, FDA-CVM
Dietary Supplements and Animals
Centre of Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford - Criteria Ratings
Levels of Evidence and Grades of Recommendations
National Center for Complimentary & Alternative Medicine (For Investigators)
Extensive Searchable Database
Consumer Lab
Results of Independent Tests of Products
The Skeptic's Dictionary
The Skeptic's Dictionary
Alternative and Complemenatary Medicine
Alternative Medicine and the Laws of Physics
William Jarvis, PhD
The Idea vs The Reality of "Alternative" Medicine
Medicine Wars: Alternative Medicine and Mainstream Medicine
The Skeptic's Dictionary
Animal Quackers



Homeopathy and Science: A Closer Look
Written by David W. Ramey, DVM
Robert H. Imrie, DVM
Mahlon Wagner, PhD
Victor Stenger, PhD
Homeopathy & Science: A Closer Look

The Skeptic's Dictionary
By Steven Novella, MD



A Chiropractic View from David W. Ramey, DVM
Veterinary Chiropractic
Scott Fausel, DVM - Letter to Compendium (Regarding chiropractice)
Scott Fausel's Letter to Compendium
Veterinary Product News Article on Chiropractice
VPN Article
The Skeptic's Dictionary
The Skeptic's Dictionary
NAET (muscle testing)



Botanicals and Herbs - The Herbal History of Digitalis & Lessons for Alternative Medicine
By G.Ritter and E.L.Dembicki - JAMA Publication
Botanicals and Herbs - History & Lessons
K-State Vet Says Herbal Preventatives May Not Make Fleas Flee
KSU Vet Review on Herbal Preventatives
Selected Herbal Hazards
Bill Burley
Chinese Herbs - Something to Remember
Update on natural product-drug interactions
Different standards for reporting ADRs to herbal remedies and conventional OTC medicines:
Face-to-face interviews with 515 users of herbal remedies
The Skeptic's Dictionary
Naturopathy 1
Naturopathy 2


NEW From the Task Force For Veterinary Science
Open Letter to the AVMA Practice Act Task Force

The AVMA is attempting to formulate a Model Veterinary Practice Act, and, unfortunately, they seem to be intent upon "pleasing ALL veterinary practitioners," even ones who have elected to employ unproven, disproved and/or irrational "alternatives" to scientific biomedicine. (For details, see and, for a PDF copy of the proposed act, We feel this move is in the best interests of neither the public, veterinary patients, nor the veterinary profession. We have written the following "open letter" to the AVMA Practice Act Task Force, and we urge anyone who agrees with our position to contact us by e-mail so that they can add their names (along with city/state/country) to the "list of signatory parties" to the letter. The letter will ultimately be forwarded to the AVMA and other appropriate entities. Please see the Task Force For Veterinary Science:

Open Letter to the AVMA Practice Act Task Force.


Although considered one of the foremost diagnostic labs in the nation, Antech Diagnostics is currently the subject of scrutiny and criticism for their introduction of their BioNutritional Analysis, a laboratory system claiming to detect dietary and mineral deficiencies in your pets, through laboratory bloodwork. There is no proof or effacy of this laboratory method, and veterinarians and others in the profession are joining the fight to persuade Antech to stop the claims and to further educate uninformed pet owners to prevent this costly and unfounded method. Read below or further information and to read a letter to Antech Diagnostics from over 15 veterinarians and veterinary technicians:

Veterinarian's Signed Letter to Antech Diagnostics



The following links are excellent resources and guides to help you discern what is reputable, safe, proven , against that which is considered quackery. The authors of the articles and websites have taken considerable time and effort to investigate several sources, books, websites, literature and so on. Please review the articles and extensive links when you are making choices for your pet's health and welfare. Remember that reputable information can always be supported by documentation, extensive research, proven methods, literature published by reputable institutions and professionals in their field. CatHelp-Online wishes to remind you that if it seems to good to be true, it usually is, and most importantly, your pet is putting his/her trust in your good judgement.

The Alt Med Advisory Page (NOT to be confused with ALT VET MED or ALTMEDVET)
Your COMPLETE source for an objective, scientific, non-advocate perspective:

Task Force For Veterinary Science - Alt Med Advisory Page

The Alt Med Primer

Continuing source for information topics such as alternative and complementary medicine, acupuncture and chinese traditional medicine, homeopathy, chiropractic, aromatherapy and bach flower therapy and herbal medicine. (Not to be confused with Alt Vet Med or AltMedVet):

Task Force For Veterinary Science - The Alt Med Primer

(CatHelp-Online wishes to commend and give credit to Dr David Ramey, and Dr Robert Imrie for their continued comittment and devotion to informing and educating pet owners about the possible ill-effects of some of the forementioned alternative methods concerning pets and their owners. With the help of the Task Force For Veterinary Science, pet owners can make rational, informed decisions regarding these issues, and better help their pets lead healthy and happy lives.)

National Council Against Health Fraud

Dr Stephen Barrett, MD, gives an insightful view on health fraud and provides consumers additional resources on topics such as consumer information, task force reports, legal and regulatory matters and links to other sites for further information:

National Council Against Health Fraud


An extensive directory to information on various subjects, reviews, and common misconceptions regarding alternative methods:
25 Ways to Spot Quacks
More Ploys That May Fool You

The Skeptic's Dictionary - A Guide to the New Millenium
By Robert Todd Carroll

The Skeptic's Dictionary
The Placebo Effect
The Regressive Fallacy
Post Hoc Fallacy
The Pragmatic Fallacy
The Ad hoc hypothesis
Subjective validation

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