In Loving Memory :: J.J. and John Ross



 John Ross

I adopted J.J. and Jonathon in April, 1987. They were feral kittens that a stray momma kitty brought to me. Both boys are Blue Lynx Points.

J.J. was always a little "scaredy" cat, but he seemed to get strength from his big brother Jonathon. (That's why I adopted both of them).

J.J. found a very special place in my heart and I thought my heart would break when he got sick. I lost him on August 11, 1996, to Hepatic Lipidosis. He was only 9 years old. I had always free fed the cats, so I had no idea that he wasn't eating. Since then I have stopped free feeding.

J.J. is buried in my back yard, under my bathroom window. He has a pastel pin wheel that squeaks when the wind blows around it. I like to think that the squeak is J.J. talking to me.

Someday, he will be laid to rest with Samantha, but for now, he stays close by.



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