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The content information contained at CatHelp-Online, including but not limited to, the Feline Health Pages, Emergency Pages, our Help For Cats Message Forum, Our Canine Centric Message Forum, Our Kitten Shop (and other shopping areas) and the links provided therein, is, to the best of our knowledge, informative, reputable and resourceful.

However, no internet website should ever be considered a substitute for true veterinary medical care, and we therefore strongly advise you to seek the advice of your vet before attempting to treat your feline friends in any other way other than generalized care.

CatHelp-Online is not responsible for content contained through external links listed on our site. Please use caution when searching the internet for feline health care information, veterinary information and related subjects.

Your vet is your kitty's best advocate, please take every measure in consulting with your vet when it comes to your kitty's health and well-being. Your vet truly has your kitty's best interests at heart!

A note regarding our Kitten Shop and Shopping areas: CatHelp-Online does not recommend buying the following items on-line and for the following reasons:

Flea & Tick products and Dewormers - Off-brand, over-the-counter or generic flea and tick products and dewormers can be deadly to pets. Never use dog products on cats, and we strongly recommend you never buy any products from Hartz/Hartz Mountain Companies. See our Emergency Pages for more information on permethrins and other toxicities.

Vaccines - Vaccines must be shipped in dry ice and stored properly prior to shipping. Pet owners cannot guarantee safe shipping or storage/handling practices by the on-line retailer. Vaccines are best left to your veterinarian who can physically examine your pet and administer vaccines accordingly.

Generic Vitamins and Supplements - Again, these products are best left to your veterinarian's recommendations. Some supplements do not actually contain the ingredients claimed by the manufacturer, and some supplements can be harmful if given inappropriately or for treatment that is unnecessary. See our Reference Articles page for more information.

Products claiming "all-natural" ingredients - Please remember that "natural" ingredients in fact contain substances that are as potent, and similar to, other drugs and prescription drugs. We strongly advise consultation with your vet if you are uncertain about a specific product's ingredients. (See Reference Articles)

While most on-line retailers and manufacturers practice good, ethical business standards, unfortunately, some do not (see our Just Say No page for more information). We encourage pet owners to speak directly to the specific product's Customer Service Department if at any time you are uncertain about a retailer's product. Never hesitate to contact your vet for recommendations and answers to your questions. Shop safely!

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