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The Daily Cat


The Daily Cat is an award-winning multi-media editorial program with a mission to provide cat owners with practical skills and the insights necessary to give oneís cat the most comfortable, long, and happy life possible. Features include:

Whole Health -- Features deliver information on keeping felines well and free of illness -- inside and out. Provides actionable advice cat owners can incorporate into the routine care of cats at all life stages, from kittens, to adults and seniors. Topics include: fitness, grooming, home health check ups, emergency care and more.

Nutrition Now -- Features cover relevant and new topics on feline nutrition and feeding. Informs readers on how to use food to maximize the health, wellness, and overall energy levels for cats at all life stages -- kittens, adults, and matures.

Blissful Cat -- Features show how to create the best lifestyle for cats so they are safe, comfortable, and integrated into modern family life and activities. Contains creative and easy playtime ideas to encourage cat and owner bond. Subjects range from litter box management to toys and games.

Behavior Basics -- Features provide how-toís on reading a felineís body language, sounds, movements and behavior. Understanding your catís communication style enables pet owners to quickly and effectively meet the needs of their favorite feline. Subjects include: reading body language, training tricks (yes, cats can be trained), discipline techniques for misbehavior, scratching, and more.

Get the Scoop -- This Question & Answer column provides answers, from feline experts, to reader questions about: feline behavior, training, grooming, health, nutrition, feeding, travel, affection, breeds, and more.

Meowza! -- This column delivers reviews of special feline-related products...

New feature articles (updated weekly):

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The Dog Daily


For dog lovers!

New feature articles (updated weekly):

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