Feline Health Glossary 3 :: Vaccination Schedule

This page includes a Feline Vaccination Schedule.


Disease Age At 1st Vaccination
Age At 2nd Vaccination
Revaccination Intervals
Calicivirus Infection 8 - 10 12 - 16 1 annual, then every 3 years
Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) 16 * 19 - 20 * 12*
Feline Leukemia Virus
(FELV) **
8 - 10 11 - 14 12**
Feline Panleukopenia
8 - 10 12 - 16 1 annual, then every 3 years
(Chlamydiosis) ***
8 - 10 12 - 16 12***
Rabies 12 52 12 or 36
Viral Rhinotracheitis
8 - 10 12 - 16 1 annual, then every 3 years
Feline Bordetella
Bronchiseptica (FeBb)
4 - 8 * - - - * - - - *
Insufficient data Insufficient data Insufficient data
Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) Insufficient data Insufficient data Insufficient data

In the case of FIP and Bordetella and Ringworm, these non-core vaccinations are usually only given to kittens and cats in multi-cat environments, catteries, or those environments where exposure and risk are known or suspected. Revaccination intervals, where warranted, will be determined by your veterinarian.

** FELV is considered a non-core vaccination, however some panel members of the AAFP suggest FELV as a core vaccination consideration for high risk cats. High risks may include mutli-cat environments, outdoor cats, indoor/outdoor cats, ferals and strays, households with an FELV infected cat, or known or suspected exposure. All new kittens and new adult cats with unknown vaccination history should be tested for FELV/FIV and vaccinated accordingly.

***CORE vaccinations include Panleukopenia, FVR (rhinotracheitis), Calicivirus, Rabies. See above for FELV reference. NON-CORE vaccines include FIP, FIV, Chlamydia, Bordetella, Giardia and Ringworm. The non-core vaccinations are generally not recommended, unless exposed cats are at high risk or for those cats in catteries, new kittens or adults with known or suspected exposure. Currently, there is a new vaccine for FIV, but it's efficacy is unknown and further research is needed to evaluate risks of vaccination and efficacy. See the AAFP site for statements.

NOTE: There is no one vaccination program for all animals; a program must be tailored to fit the needs of each individual patient. Your vet may have a vaccination protocol that may vary with other vets. Please discuss at length his protocols, and make your decisions based on your particular kitty's needs, age, environment, lifestyle, exposure risks and individual health status.

Please remember that with any vaccination, risks are possible, but without vaccinations, the risks of serious and fatal infectious disease are an evident potential. Please discuss your questions and concerns with your vet so that you can make the best decisions for your kitten and adult cat. Also remember, anything you find on the internet should never be considered an alternative to your vet's recommendations or that of a professional in veterinary medicine. If you hear that some or all vaccinations are not necessary, take it upon yourself to be responsible to speak with your vet in greater detail about the risks and the benefits of vaccines and protocols.


Although CatHelp-Online fully supports the prevention of feline infectious diseases, and the vaccines to prevent them, we understand that each kitty has individual needs. We would like to remind you that when you decide to vaccinate your kitty, whether it be annually, or at other intervals, please take it upon yourself to make sure that your vet notes the following on your kitty's health chart for future reference:

  • *** Type of vaccine

  • *** Lot number/Expiration Date

  • *** Manufacturer's Name

  • *** The site or location on your kitty's body where the vaccine was injected

We also strongly urge you to make sure the following site locations are applied:

  • *** FVRCP - injected over the right interscap side of the shoulder, distally, subcutaneously

  • *** FELV - injected in the left rear leg, as distally as possible, subcutaneously

  • *** RABIES - injected in the right rear leg, as distally as possible, intramuscularly or subcutaneously

Some vaccines may be given intranasally, if your vet carries these types of vaccines, ask him for more information. CatHelp-Online does NOT recommend the intranasal vaccines due to possible side effects and lack of studies to support the efficacy; stressed young kittens and immunocompromised adult cats should not receive the intranasal vaccines. Your vet should be able to provide for you statistics and more information on intranasal vaccines.

For more information, please visit What You Should Know About Vaccinations, by the American Veterinary Medical Association. This information page discusses vaccines, vaccinations, and immunity; rabies concerns; feline diseases that require vaccinations; and recommended vaccination schedules.

Also visit the American Association of Feline Practitioner's Current Vaccination Guidelines and Protocols. (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access files)

For an extensive fact sheet outlining vaccines, types, disease factors, risk assessment, vaccine intervals, etc, please see this protocol page located at VIN.


This page is lovingly dedicated to a beautiful, special kitty who crossed the Rainbow Bridge as a result from suffering a feline vaccine-associated-sarcoma. In Loving and Precious Memory of Sylvia and special kitties like her.....


Thank you, Jeff and Coleen, for everything you do in your hard efforts in this difficult endeavor to teach and educate about feline vaccine-associated-sarcomas, vaccines, and your never ending research, patience and commitment to these issues. Your efforts have undoubtedly touched the hearts and lives of many, and your personal campaign has not been made in vain. God Bless you and those whom you've touched with your hearts, your understanding, and your love. May you and all your furbabies be truly blessed with health and happiness....

Visit Jeff and Coleen and the Ark at Catshots.Com, where you can find the latest up-to-date information on vaccine-related information, vaccine-associated-sarcomas, and everything you've ever wanted to know about these important issues. As Jeff would say, "Knowledge is Empowering". (Also known as Sylvia's Journey of New Hope)

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