Feline and Canine Body Condition Score Chart ::
(Using the 5-point system)

Each point on the 5-point scale represents an increase or decrease depending on direction of 20 to 30 percent in body fat above or below ideal (i.e. 1=very thin and 5=obese). The BCS chart is a helpful tool for pet owners to increase awareness that their pet may be seriously underweight or overweight. Many serious health conditions can develop as a result of unmanaged weight; we strongly advise a veterinary exam and discussing with your vet an appropriate weight management program tailored to your pet's needs. Weight management in cats must be done carefully, if weight reduction is too rapid, conditions such as hepatic lipidosis or diabetes may occur, in which agressive medical treatment is necessary.

The following BCS chart is only intended to be a guide. If you suspect your pet does not fall into the "ideal" range, make an appointment with your vet for an exam, evaluation and assessment for a potential weight management protocol.

Image courtesy Hill's Pet Nutrition®
*Tailbase evaluation in dogs only

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