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Campaign efforts to increase awareness of the importance of twice-yearly veterinary health exams for your kitty...

Twice a year, for life!

National Pet Wellness Month is an educational initiative designed to raise awareness about the pet aging process, disease prevention and the importance of twice-a-year wellness exams for all cats and dogs.

Twice-a-year wellness exams allow your veterinarian to detect, treat or, ideally, prevent problems before they become life-threatening. They also provide you with the opportunity to ask your veterinarian questions about nutrition, behavior, dental health or other issues.

National Pet Wellness Month
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Senior Cat Care

Your senior cat has given you a lifetime of love and companionship. Return the loving favor by being aware of her needs as she ages. Senior cats require twice-yearly veterinary exams (or more frequently, depending on your vet's recommendations), to monitor vital organ functions with bloodwork, urinalyses, thyroid function testing, heart workups and other diagnostics your vet may feel appropriate. Twice-yearly exams afford quicker detection of common illnesses that can affect senior cats, such as renal disease, liver disease, diabetes, thyroid disfunction, heart conditions, inflammatory conditions, neoplasia. Detecting these conditions early can help you make informed choices for treatment options and help slow the progression of disease processes.


The Great Cat Watch, for Wellness Sake Campaign

The Great Cat Watch, for Wellness Sake" shows you how to watch for the subtle signs of sickness. Knowing these signs could add years, or even save, the life of your cat.

This campaign is based on the new AAFP Feline Behavior Guidelines report and encourages twice yearly exams, as the best prevention of illness for all pets.

The Great Cat Watch
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Is Your Cat Overweight?

Dog and cat owners routinely overfeed their pets without realizing the harmful long-term effects. Overfeeding can lead to obesity which can shorten a pet's life by contributing to heart and liver problems, diabetes, arthritis, bladder cancer and skin disorders and it can put a pet at higher risk while undergoing anesthesia and surgery. Many believe a "light" food will make their pet exempt from problems, but even light pet foods can cause weight gain if fed in excess of caloric needs.

Why take the Pet Fit Challenge? As a loving pet owner, your goal is to help your pet live a long and healthy life. By keeping your pet at an ideal weight, you are helping achieve that goal.

Hill's Pet Fit
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Pets Need Dental Care Too!

Oral disease is the most frequently diagnosed health problem for pets. An astounding 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats show signs of oral disease by age three, according to the American Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS).

The good news is that pet owners can reduce the risk of oral disease by following AVDS recommendations...learn what steps you can take to reduce the risks.

National Pet Dental Health Month Campaign
sponsored by: AVMA, American Veterinary Dental Society, Hill's Pet Nutrition


November is Pet Diabetes Month

The Pet Diabetes Month awareness campaign, although centered around Diabetes Month in November, will be a year-round initiative aimed at increasing pet diabetes awareness among pet owners. Diabetes is a common, top-of-mind human disease with increasing incidence. Yet many pet owners donít even know that their pets are at risk for developing the same disease. And lack of awareness may be the biggest risk factor of all. See the following for information about prevalence, risk factors, diagnosis, and management and treatment options.

  • See Feline Diabetes (In-depth information to help you understand signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and more)

Pet Diabetes Month
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Take Your Pets With You!
Disaster Preparedness - Saving the Whole Family

The AVMA provides very detailed information on planning for both small and large animals in disasters. Sections include:

Saving the Whole Family
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