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This page is dedicated to our wilder friends, those majestic creatures who touch our hearts and minds with their power, majesty, and mystery ...

Autumn Symphony

Morning Calm

Morning Walk

Perfect Pose


Winter Rendezvous


Images İKayomi - Used with permission - Kayomi's beautiful art work can be seen at ArtyCat Studio where you can also order prints of her work and read her biography.

Wild Cat Links:

In the interest of wildlife conservation and preservation, we hope you'll visit the following links to learn more about issues relating to wildlife conservation, environmental issues, and additional ways that we as individuals, can help our wild friends.


Black Hills Mountain Lion Foundation
The Roar Foundation
Action For Animals
Animal Planet
The Ark Trust
Big Cats Online


Environmental Media Assoc. (EMA)
Tiger Information Center
Tony LaRussa's Animal Rescue Foundation

Vista Point

Wild Animal Orphanage
Action Africa, Inc
Coryi Foundation - Bobcat Research
The Zoe Foundation

Always Together

The Cheetah's Workshop
National Wildlife Federation
The Sierra Club
Wildlife Conservation Society
Friends of the National Zoo

Care2's Race for the Big Cats
Nature Conservancy
Environmental Defense
Defenders of Wildlife

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