In Loving Memory :: Roxy



Dogs find our hearts and win us with love
only they can give.
Guiding through darkness, turning night into day, chasing demons away.

They become us with us,
a light in mirror glass,
a friend in all weather and quicksilver lives.
Days slip into nights, time finds our friends
and claims them too soon.

A final shared breath sealing the bond, with
hearts touching hearts.
Wrapped in soft cloth and held in the mist,
taking to angel wing from fragile chrysalis.

Emptiness brings a bitter sweet rain
of sadness and pain.
Held dear in heart and silent memories,
in softly called names and random dreams,
our friends wait for us as they have before,
now at heaven's door.

By jdf


From All of Your Friends With Love

Godspeed "Roxy," March 7, 2003
A loyal and loving companion to your owners, Jim and Nancy, you will be greatly missed.

May you run free as the wind among the angels, and your friends of the past, until you are reunited with your loved ones, never again to part.

Roxy's beautiful image created by Sue from The DogLady Barks, and is used here by permission.

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This beautiful image was created by Zac's Mom in loving memory of Roxy.
Please click here for an enlarged, detailed view.

Image is ęCopyright by Zac's Mom, from Zachary Bear ~ Silky Terrier Extraordinary, and is used here by express permission.
(Thank you, Zac's Mom)


You will forever remain in our memories, dear girl, a true inspiration to those you've touched, leaving pawprints on our hearts ...

In Loving and Precious Memory of

~ Roxy ~

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