In Loving Memory :: Rascal


A Tribute To Rascal

Rascal, how you lived up to your name!
You were always thinking up crazy things
To get my attention. I remember when
You were a baby, you'd take the bottle caps
Into the tub and chase them around all night.
How that made me laugh.

I remember how you learned
Not to kill your prey you brought me.
All the birds, the rabbit and the snake
You broght me alive.
Now you have alot of animals to chase around
And play with and they will never die.

And your favorite, bringing the tree frogs home
And putting them in your water bowl
And watch them swim around.

Thank you for waiting
Until I was ready to let you go.
God Bless you baby,
I will never forget you ~

~ mommy

In Loving Memory of

~ Rascal ~

7/86 - 8/23/99

By Barb

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