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Tribute To Pegasus

Pegasus, named for the mythological flying horse, was my special cat, my soul mate cat - - he could sit beside me and purr and I would feel a connection, something coming from his spirit.

Pegasus was a people cat, he loved others too and always came out to greet my friends and guests while the other cats hid. He never saw why I needed another cat when I got two more in his later years but he gracefully tolerated them. He seemed not to realize they could never be the same as he was, though.

He lived with me and I with him for 16.5 years, most of his life from 6-06-84 to 2-25-01.

I do not know how it will be without you, Pegasus. You went so suddenly, even after all your illnesses - - one day you were doing okay, the next day you were gone.

It was so good to have had you, please come back soon.

May you have happy times until then at the Rainbow Bridge. I can see you walking around, big-eyed, wondering where you are. Please find friends soon.

~ Helen

 Helen and Pegasus

Squeaky, Pegasus and Petey

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