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Lucky was born on October 30, 1989, he was abandoned kitten found in a tiny box near the giant trash bin or dumpster when he was only 3 weeks old. I nursed him with bottled formula, and he was sooo sweet. He was raised with Furball my long-haired grey and white angora hamster he thought it's his brother. He was soo used to Furball he let him climb on his back, and never thought of eating him. He missed Furball whom died of old age of 3. Time he grew up beautiful. First I was horrified at 2 1/2 mos old because he swallowed partial needle and thread, the emergency 24 hour vet was about to put him down, I begged her not to because I couldn't afford full bills, they let me pay half and half. And he survived with medication. Then he had a terrible blockage at 3 1/2 years old and was recovered after hospital stays but had bladder and kidney problem ending up with a special diet he hated but adapted to eating this. He had to take medications to get rid of infections if his tests showed whether high or low of his bladder.

He was the funniest boy, and well-liked by friends, he known everyone and greet anyone like a funny miniature soldier with tail straight up in the ceiling and showed his stuff around. Making us laugh, he was serious when it came to kittens, he raised some of them on his own to make sure they'll follow his footsteps, only one definitely did. Mickey followed his pawsteps and the likeness. Garfield was but he left a year before Lucky. Then came Muffy, Cuddle, and Mickey, two of them didn't follow his pawsteps, but Mickey was eagerly little kitten who followed his pawsteps very well and followed Lucky closely. Lucky didn't mind a bit about kittens, he went crazy if something happen to any one of them and he also went crazy about cute kittens he loved in his heart.

Then Lucky had F.I.A. from outdoor kitty, vets said he never had any F.I.A. until after the last cat fight in September 4th, 1999. It didn't show up until too late, he was dying and didn't give up soo easily until the last day, he was too exhausted to fight because of combination of tumor, F.I.A. and bladder/kidney problem, vet told me his prognosis was failing and he stopped and passed away in my arms on September 29, 2000. He was a wonderful fighter. He showed us a great deal of how to fight to live and how to give compassionate toward others like he did. He showed us how to deal with babies and kittens. He was a very wonderful and loving "son" that we missed him greatly and we all remember him in our hearts, our cats miss him too deeply.

We love you very much, Lucky. We miss you too.

In Loving and Precious Memory of



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