In Loving Memory :: Babe, Chanielle and Wookie




In May of 1988 when I moved into my apartment in Baltimore City, I kept hearing little cries out of my window. A friend and I went out to investigate. There were two scrawny abandoned kittens. One in a part below the basement window and the other stuck between the eaves and brick building.

I had wanted to get a kitty, but two??? Well I could not take just one and leave the other. So I took them in. They were so scared and cried. It broke my heart. They got more comfortable with me and their new home. They were full of fleas, the poor things! A friend and I gave them dozens of flea baths then went and got something from the vet that was far better than the stuff in Woolworth's! I also had to bomb and spray the apartment.



I loved the critters so much. I am alone and disabled. I also have times with depression. Well Babe and Wookie as I named them, helped me to lick that! I owe my sanity to these kitties.

We lived together for 7 years there in Baltimore happily as one happy "feline/humoon" (sic) family. I cried when I got them fixed. They were healthy.

Well Dad died and I moved to North Carolina. People asked, "Are you getting rid of Babe and Wookie?" NO WAY, they are my fur family!

They, each in their own carrier in a van with me, moved to North Carolina. They were not happy at first when I let them out of their carriers and they were not at what they knew as home.

They adjusted. They appeared happy despite Mom and her HUGE Golden Retriever. Babe, Wookie and I were still a happy family.



Well I decided to adopt a crippled kitty from the Humane Society. She was Chanielle and I loved her right away!! The poor kitty was in a foster home waiting for her own humoon and home. She got that and two kitty sisters and a dog, Mom's Golden. All adjusted and I was so happy.

Then the neighbor's kitty had kittens and YES I picked the runt! The daughter of the family named her Blush and she joined my fur family. She really liked Mom's dog and even slept in it's fur! Well all of the kitties kind of split the house up into each one's territory! They did the window sills in shifts. Treat time was something else!! I used to take Chanielle's treats to her so the others would not eat it before she got to it. I was so happy!!! They were all indoor only kitties. Well Blush liked to follow me out of the door, if she stayed in when I left, she would cry and cry. She still cries when I exit.

On New Year's Day '96 my home burned totally due to suspected arson. I was at a mobile home on the property with a friend. Unknown to me, Blush had snuck out at my heels when I left the house. I left the other home on the poperty to find my home burned rapidly , finishing the burn.

I asked the firemen to look for my fur babies. I was almost in shock!! Mom was out with her dog. Well, the neighbors told me Blush was outside. It was getting dark and due to my difficulty seeing and walking I could not see her or walk on the ground (it is rough terrain). I called and called for all of my fur family, no response. Came back later, no response.

The neighbors put out food and water for her with a blanket for poor Blush. Went to a friend's for the night. Went back to my charred home and Mom heard Blush crying and crying. She was on a burned out sill. I went over and held her and we cried and cried.

I am now in an apartment and three years later Blush is still with me. I love her alot. The other three fur kids were not able to make it. Babe, Wookie and Chanielle are gone. I loved them soooo much and still miss them so much.

That on top of missing everything I owned and my first home, just so a certain party could ensure I had nothing and ensure her a lot of money (the insurance). This party has done similar to others. She has severe problems. That is sad. My poor furbabies who I loved and owe my sanity to are gone.

All out of greed.

I am glad to still have my Blush with her long beautiful fur, and love which is invaluable. I am glad I rescued Babe and Wookie. I am also glad I adopted Chanielle. They were kitties who had nobody and needed somebody so badly.

By Ruth & Blush (Fur Child)

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