In Loving Memory :: Garfield


Garfield was a funny fella who like to make a raspberry sounds and whenever he passed the gas, he put on a smiling face thinking it was funny to amuse us when it isn't. lol. He was very sweet and gentle and never bite. He knew his sister was here but we were gone to the vet to get treatments for her, and my husband came after shower and saw big fat kitten scouring foods in the trash smelling of seafoods that my husband ate and threw them in trash, he quietly walked to the door and closed it immediately and that little big boy saw and got puzzled and hid. We came home to find him so dirty from outside and he was soooo fluffy with long furs just like Lucky had, so frighten, but he warmed up to me quickly becuz he knew he found a right family to live with. He wolfed down the whole canned of food soo hungrily and growled. Then he grew beautiful and his furs changed he lost long furs and grew thicker and soft furs, someone told me he's looking like Adolf Hitler due to his black spot on his nose and above his lip, he looooks sooo cute, I can't resist him, so we kept him and named him Garfield becuz he grew to be lazy boy which I knew it, just like comic cat and he also has a funny way of telling me. He was funny boy. And we all miss him dearly. He was born in May 1998 but passed away suddenly of blockage too young his age in August 16, 1999 on the way to the hospital. He was only 1 years and 3 mos old when this happened. The same day his youngest brother, Cuddle, was born hours later from his life he left. We missed Garfield very much. And he was reunited with sister and Lucky in heaven and all siblings he knew and met.

In Loving and Precious Memory of



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