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Tribute To A Special Friend

My husband and I got Frosty as a little 8-week kitten bundle from a co-worker of mine. We knew his Siamese mama, Mitsu, was a wonderful little cat. his daddy was a "traveling man".

Frosty was a very sweet, timid little baby. I still remember him sitting on the back of the couch looking out the picture window with his little legs shaking.

He was so little I remember him sitting on top of the scratching post. Another absolutely darling thing Frosty did when he was a kitten was that he would sleep on our bed in the middle of my many stuffed animals. You'd see this little black face peeking out - it looked almost like the old movie "ET".

Frosty had so much energy and loved to play. All his life, you could buy him the cutest cat toys and he'd rather play with the wrapping and ribbons!

When he was a little older, Frosty loved to ambush and chase our Snowball kitty. This usually ended in one of two ways. It might start a boxing match. No one ever got hurt but my husband and I laughed ourselves silly to see those two pounding the tops of each other's head with little soft paws. Or Snowball would get behind Frosty (still chasing) and figured she'd ambush him from the other side. Meanwhile, Frosty would jump on the couch and sit there. Snowball finally got bored and left.

Frosty was such a little tease all his life. Many times when one of us wanted to pick him up, he would come within arm's length and sit down. If we stood up, he scampered off.

Frosty slept on the bed every night and it was such a comfort to feel him there. Sometimes he would get up on my pillow with me and purr.

He was such a good friend and later seemed to bond to me. (Our cat Leo bonded to my husband, John). He wanted to be everywhere I was. I couldn't even completely close the bathroom door or he would howl his Siamese howl until he got in.

Frosty was a major snooper but was very subtle. This got him into trouble at times - locking him out of the house in our back yard (we were positive he was inside) and being closed in closets numerous times. he was a world's champion hider. We live in the mountains with lots of pine trees and the color of his coat made him almost invisible. Frosty was terrified of the vacuum cleaner and would hide in the back yard, once under the cover of our barbeque and one time in a tiny little space beneath the back yard deck. We were frantic both times looking everywhere for him (even out in the yard). Then when we were most exhausted, he would just show up, saying "what's the big deal?"

If Frosty would have been a person, he would have either been an actor or a basketball player. He was a very tall, long-legged kitty who could jump to amazing heights effortlessly. When he had a tiff with Leo, Frosty would come to us, meowing mournfully that it wasn't his fault and he was so abused. We bought it for a while. You could almost see Frosty smirking when Leo was punished. Finally, Leo started to yell in protest at the same time, and we finally caught on.

Ultimately, sadly, it was his great acting ability that made us unaware that he was very sick. He continued with his same routines and acted the same as usual around us. he finally couldn't hide it any longer. We took him to the vet and found he had a blood parasite. the medications weren't helping him so I took him to the vet to get some IV help. I didn't know that was the last time I'd ever see him.

I got a call the next morning (the morning we were going to bring him home) that he had died early that morning. It turns out that he had cancer. But the worst thing about it, was that it was so sudden. We didn't have the time to hold him and tell him how much we love him or to tell him goodbye. I felt like I'd been stabbed through the heart.

Frosty was a very beautiful kitty with the top of his fur jet black and further toward his skin his fur was silver. I know I was very prejudiced but many others remarked what a gorgeous kitty he was.

But as beautiful as he was outside, his real beauty was on the inside. Frosty needed so much love. But he gave it back threefold. Sometimes I just held him for a long time, just listening to him purr. He was always in our laps and was constantly rubbing his face on ours or rubbing noses.

An hour doesn't go by when I don't think about you. John and I wouldn't have given up our time with you for anything.

Goodbye, little one. I never knew a cat with so much love to give as you. I will miss the hugs and the head bumps and your shining green/gold eyes forever. You brought nothing but joy here and I'm sure will spread much joy in Heaven. We will love you forever.

To Mom's soulmate and Daddy's baby,
Mom and Dad

ęCopyright 1999 Sue Gilliland

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